In 1955, the founder of Tiamo Jewelry, Sophia launched her first fine jewelry line in Italy. Her masterpieces soon garnered attention for their artistic appeal and fine quality. The unique aesthetic designs and flawless craftsmanship made Sophia a fashion daring in Italy.

About Tiamo

Tiamo collaborates exclusively with the world’s largest diamond supplier who deliver diamonds directly from diamond mines. With a professional team of jewelry appraisers based in Italy, Tiamo devotes itself to ensure every diamond having the highest international standards under a rigorous selection process. Every diamond from Tiamo is certified by leading world leading gemological agencies such as GIA and HRD.

Every diamond is destined to meet the right person.

Ti Amo Jewerly captures the greatest love stories for you with its unrivaled selection of diamonds.

Beauty is inspired by happiness

Every unique and spectacular look of our diamonds, spark a sense of astonishing beauty and charm.

True love is embedded in Ti Amo engagement rings

Presents you the eternal love and beauty

We hereby present,

our breathtaking diamonds and unparalleled masterpieces.